It’s a… Sumatran Tiger Cubs’ Big Gender Reveal! 

Doting Sumatran Tiger dad, Kembali, has ripped open some meat-filled enrichment to share the genders of his three cubs!

After tearing through the colourful enrichment created by Adelaide Zoo's BEEZA (Behaviour and Environmental Enrichment of Zoo Animals) team, he revealed the cubs’ sexes (see the reveal at the end of this clip).

The cubs were sexed during their first health check last week with Adelaide Zoo’s dedicated keepers and veterinary team.

Cub in a tub

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Trio Of Critically Endangered Sumatran Tiger Cubs Born

The first ever critically-endangered Sumatran Tiger cubs to be born at Adelaide Zoo have arrived safe, sound and extremely snuggly in the Year of the Tiger.

“There’s a whole puddle of stripy little legs, arms and tails in the cubbing den at the moment. It’s the best gift ever,” said an elated Elaine Bensted, CE of Zoos SA. 

“This is a significant moment in conservation as the Sumatran Tiger species has less than 400 adults surviving in the wild. 

“Delilah and Kembali’s cubs are vital to ensuring strong genetics in the breeding program and indeed the future of the species.

Tiger Cams_TIG DEN 1_main_20221222160608_@1

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London Zoo’s Tiger Cubs Get First Health Check

ZSL London Zoo’s trio of tiger cubs have had their visit from the Zoo’s veterinarians, who were finally able to confirm the sexes of the stripy babies – two males and a female! 

ZSL veterinarian Dr Ellie Milnes gave each cub a thorough nose-to-tail examination, checking their eyes, teeth, heart, and overall physical health as well as weighing each cub. All three were given a clean bill of health, and their information added to the Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS), a database shared with zoos all over the world that helps zookeepers and conservationists to compare important information on thousands of endangered species.   

Sumatran tiger cub health checks at London Zoo (c) ZSL London Zoo

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Baby Helina’s Grand Debut!

Zoo officials today announced female Amur tiger cub, Helina, made her grand debut at the Indianapolis Zoo! She was very curious about her new surroundings and made sure to climb, sniff and explore her new habitat, thrilling guests who were on hand to see her debut.

Yesterday, the Zoo prepped the public for the debut with this announcement on social media:

“We have some grrr-reat news to share! The tiger cubs are making their public debut this week! 🐯 This Friday at 9:30am, you could have the purr-fect opportunity to see our adorable cubs venture out into their new habitat!

Helina Pic 7

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Two Critically Endangered Baby Tigers For Sumatran Tiger Mayang

The Sumatran tiger is one of the most endangered big cats on earth. At Tierpark Berlin, there is now a new glimmer of hope for the preservation of the entire species: Female tiger Mayang (11) gave birth to two cubs at the beginning of September. After a sad setback with a previous litter (all four young tigers were born with a genetic disease) the zoo team is now particularly happy.


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Tiger Cub Wellness Exam!

OKC Zoo’s Sumatran tiger twins are doing great and had a wellness exam a couple of weeks ago! The exam took place Friday, August 19. 

According to the OKC Zoo veterinary care team, both cubs are healthy. They received their first round of vaccinations. The male cub, Bob, weighed 11.6 pounds and his sister, Luna, weighed 10 pounds.

OKC Zoo Tiger Cubs Luna and Bob

Performing the exam is Daniela Yuschenkoff DVM, the Oklahoma City Zoo’s Veterinary Resident

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OKC Zoo’s Sumatran Tiger Twins Receive First Wellness Exam

OKC Zoo Sumatran Tiger Twins female left and male right credit Jennifer D

Tiger twins update! OKC Zoo’s Sumatran tiger cubs receive first wellness exam, the newborn siblings are in good health and meeting milestones.

The Oklahoma City Zoo’s newest additions, 19-day-old critically endangered Sumatran tiger twins, received their first wellness exam on Wednesday, July 20 during which the Zoo’s veterinary care team determined the sex of each cub and it’s a girl and a boy for tiger mom, Lola!

OKC Zoo male Sumatran tiger twin wellness exam credit Jennifer D

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ZSL London Zoo Shares First Images Of Three-Week-Old Sumatran Tiger Cubs Outside  

Sumatran tiger cubs in straw at ZSL London Zoo (c) George Cuevas ZSL London Zoo

BIG CAT CUDDLES: Stunning images of three Critically Endangered Sumatran tiger cubs born in June at ZSL London Zoo show the adorable trio rolling in soft straw and snuggling up to mum Gaysha in their Tiger Territory home.  


The Critically Endangered cubs remained inside the Zoo’s behind-the-scenes cubbing den for the first few weeks of their lives, before recent warm weather prompted Gaysha to bring them outside - to the delight of excited zoogoers. 

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