Who’s New At Potawatomi Zoo?

Indiana’s Potawatomi Zoo is so excited to announce the birth of a Linne's two-toed sloth baby at the Zoo! It was born on May 9 to mother Lily and father Lola. They don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet, but it seems healthy!

The baby is living in the Learning Center with its parents. Sloths are naturally nocturnal and arboreal (live in trees), so the baby might be sleeping or tricky to spot. It's the first sloth that's been born at the Zoo that we know of, and we're really looking forward to watching this cute little one grow up!

Baby Sloth Meets Father: The Sloth Family Is Reunited!

The moment we all have been waiting for: the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Sloth Family Reunites!

Grizzly is comfortable and munching away at delicious food, and Teddy and Baby sniff each other. Too adorable!

Saint Augustine will continue to monitor them, but now the whole family is available for viewing at Sloth Landing.

📸Sarah, Bird & Mammal Curator; Ashley, ZooKeeper

Birth announcement:

Wellness Exam:

Sloth Born At Amersfoort Zoo

A sloth was born in DierenPark Amersfoort. "It is already the tenth time that mother Amaka carries a baby on her stomach", animal caretaker Christel Broekman says. The Amersfoort sloths Amaka and Quasimodo thus remain the most successful sloth couple in Europe: the couple has given birth to the most young in recent years. Christel: “It is very special that the sloths have been caring for offspring for so long.”

Over een aantal maanden zal de kleine luiaard zelf op onderzoek gaan en zelfstandig leren hangen


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Baby Sloth's Milestones: Baby's First Wellness Exam & Plight of Baby Sloths in Pet Trade

We're excited for St Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park’s baby sloth's first wellness exam with Dr. Garrett Fraess from the University of Florida Veterinary Teaching Hospital. This little one has been hitting all the developmental milestones and is thriving with momma Grizzly.


The sad part is that many baby sloths are being captured and kidnapped from their moms in the wild, who are likely killed themselves, for the pet trade. Baby sloths are complicated to care for and do not thrive without the right care from their moms and the appropriate diet.

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St. Augustine Alligator Farm Is Excited To Welcome Their Newest Arrival: A Baby Sloth

Grizzly and Teddy, St. Augustine Alligator Farm’s resident Hoffmann’s two-toed sloths, have proved once again that age is just a number.  On the morning of February 8th, 2022, they welcomed their fourth offspring.  At 37, Grizzly is one of the oldest sloths to give birth and 47-year-old-male Teddy is one of the oldest sloths ever recorded.  While talking about the surprise of the sloths having a baby at their age; David Drysdale, St. Augustine Alligator Farm’s owner, reflected that they have made their home in St. Augustine which is also home to the Fountain of Youth.  

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Drusillas Zoo Discover Sloth-tastic Surprise Baby!

Drusillas Zoo Park are ecstatic to announce the safe and healthy arrival of a beautiful baby sloth – who’s surprise arrival has delighted their team of keepers.

Sloth mum Halina snuggles new baby at Drusillas Park

On the morning of 29th November, keepers couldn’t believe their eyes when resident sloth female, Halina, wondered down from her bed to say good morning and had a new addition tenderly clinging to her.

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Adorable Baby Sloth Surprises Zookeepers With Speedy Birth At ZSL London Zoo 

ZSL London Zoo has shared the first pictures and footage of its newest adorable arrival: a baby two-toed sloth, who surprised keepers with a speedy morning birth on Sunday 24 October.  


Knowing mum Marilyn - who had delivered all six of her previous babies at night - was due any day, zookeepers arrived early to check on the pregnant sloth, who they found snuggled up peacefully in her den, with no baby in sight.  

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A Baby Sloth For Zoo Vienna!

There are three of the Schönbrunn sloths again. Alberta and Einstein became parents on June 3rd. For the first six months the young animal lies somewhat hidden in its mother's soft peritoneum. In the meantime, however, it has grown a lot and is easy to see. “The news of the offspring is sure to please the many sloth fans. Unfortunately, the last young animal, Pauline, was never seen by our visitors due to the corona protective measures. In the meantime, Pauline has moved to Loro Parque as part of the European Stud Book and hangs out there comfortably, ”says zoo director Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck. The zoo keeper team can only see whether the current offspring is a female or a male when they are no longer so closely attached to their mother.


Two-toed sloths are native to South America. With their comfortable way of life and a nose like a socket, they are among the visitors' favorites in Schönbrunn. If you can't make it to the zoo, you can admire the sloths in the new Family Planner 2022, which was published for the first time. Family life can be organized very well with five columns for personal entries. Sloth father Einstein would only have three things in the crevices: eat, doze and hang around. Alberta's undisturbed sloth existence is now history. District manager Petra Stefan: “Alberta takes care of its eleventh youngster. It is suckled for half a year. But it can also be carried to the food bowl on her stomach and nibbles on vegetables such as celery and lettuce. "

First Baby Sloth In Buttonwood Park Zoo's History

This is the first sloth born at BPZOO in its 127-year history.


New Bedford, Massachusetts: They say the best things come to those who wait – and after waiting approximately 11.5 months, there is a baby sloth at BPZOO! Born on June 22, 2021 to first time parents, 12-year-old female Sandy and 20-year-old male, Bernardo, this Hoffman’s two-toed sloth baby is the first to ever be born at BPZOO in its 127-year history.   

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