Oakland Zoo Receives Two Orphan Mountain Lion Cubs

Two very young, orphaned mountain lion siblings were rescued and transported to Oakland Zoo yesterday morning by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) following their search for the kittens, which started yesterday morning. An adult female mountain lion, who CDFW suspects is their mother, was struck by a car and killed on Saturday, November 11th, along Highway 280, near the Hillsboro/Burlingame area. Over the weekend, residents reported seeing two cubs alone near the area, and they were found safe in one of the reporting residents’ backyard. Both kittens are female, approximately six to ten weeks old, and weigh five and five-and-a-half pounds, respectively. These kittens mark the 25th and 26th mountain lion rescues as part of the Zoo’s Rescue and Recovery Program for local wildlife in need.

Cubs arriving to Oakland Zoo;Photo Credit Oakland Zoo

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Critically Endangered Tiger Gives Birth To Three Cubs!

Introducing Jacksonville Zoo’s newest Malayan tiger ambassadors! Cinta gave birth to THREE cubs on Sunday, November 5. The few days after birth are critical as the little family adjusts. Cinta has been very attentive to her babies, grooming and allowing the cubs to nurse, so officials are giving them space while they get settled in and bond privately behind the scenes. Animal Care staff continue to monitor them to ensure they are eating, sleeping and cuddling as they should. Just like with humans, there are potential risks. We remain cautiously optimistic and look forward to sharing updates. Tigers play a critical role in their natural habitat by balancing and maintaining a thriving ecosystem. Unfortunately, there are estimated to be fewer than 150 Malayan tigers left in the wild. This pregnancy is a significant addition to the sustainability of the Critically Endangered species, and Jacksonville are proud of their contribution to ensuring a viable and diverse Malayan tiger population.

Immaculate Epaulette Shark Conception!

Female shark pup born through parthenogenesis (without fertilization)

Brookfield, Ill. — On August 23, an epaulette shark pup hatched at Brookfield Zoo. The hatching wasn’t unusual, but what is, is the way the shark embryo developed. The adult female shark had not been housed with a male since arriving at the Zoo in 2019. At that time, she was only 3 years old, and the species reaches sexual maturity around 7 years of age. Under these circumstances, animal care staff believe the female produced a fertile egg without needing to be fertilized by a male’s genetic material. This reproductive process known as parthenogenesis is when an embryo develops from an unfertilized egg cell.

DSC_3905-Epaulette Shark Pup

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Roarsome News for Conservation at Dubbo Zoo

Lion keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo received the best gift for International Zookeeper Day, with a trio of lion cubs born late in the evening on Wednesday 4 October 2023.

This is the second litter for breeding pair Marion and Lwazi, after three bouncing baby girls were born on 7 April 2022.

“The cubs are doing really well, they’re hitting all their milestones and Marion is an absolute superstar mum,” said Senior Keeper Melanie Friedman.

20231030_113456. Credit MEGAN LEWIS

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Endangered Reticulated giraffe Born at Zoo Overloon

Overloon, November 2, 2023 - A reticulated giraffe was born in ZooParc this week. It is the first giraffe ever born in the zoo in Overloon.

The reticulated giraffe is found in lightly vegetated savannas and grasslands south of the Sahara, including North Kenya, Somalia, and South Ethiopia. This species is threatened because its habitat is shrinking, primarily due to deforestation. Additionally, reticulated giraffes are hunted.

Giraffe 1

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Trick or Treat

Lionesses, Penguins and Pygmy Goats Tear into Spooky Pumpkin Treats at Whipsnade Zoo 

Spirited lionesses Waka and Winta were amongst the many youngsters sinking their teeth into Halloween at Whipsnade Zoo today (Monday 30 October) as zookeepers treated animals across the zoo to a spook-tacular surprise.  

Zookeepers carved petrifying pumpkins for many of the 11,000 animals at the UK’s largest zoo, using the spooky squashes to put the animals' foraging and hunting skills to the test. 

Endangered African peguins have fishy snacks out of Halloween pumpkins (c) Whipsnade Zoo

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Surprise: Critically Endangered Chimpanzee Born at Beekse Bergen

Hilvarenbeek, October 30, 2023 - A West African chimpanzee has been born at Beekse Bergen. The gender of the newborn is not yet known. Mother and the young one are doing well.

Caregivers at the safari park were not certain if mother Nadine was pregnant, as the latest pregnancy tests turned out negative after earlier positive results. The same pregnancy tests used for humans are employed for great apes.

Pasgeboren chimpansee (5)

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The Love Story Continues: Zoo’s ‘Cappy’ Couple Welcome Triplets One Year After their First Baby in Over a Decade

What’s cuter than a capybara baby? Three capybara babies! One year after lovey-dovey capy couple Augustus and Clementine welcomed their first baby, Satsuma, they’ve become proud parents to three bundles of joy - and Drusillas Park zookeepers couldn’t be happier.


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