It’s A Girl!

Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, WI are thrilled to announce the newest addition to their Zoo family; a critically endangered Bornean Orangutan! Chelsea’s baby arrived early Saturday morning, June 11, after a very smooth labor. Once the baby arrived, Chelsea immediately held it against her body, cleaned it, and she has been displaying all the maternal behaviors staff want to see at this stage. Infant orangutans are very small, usually only weighing about 3 pounds at birth, and are completely dependent on their mother for the first few years of their life. Chelsea has been doing such a good job of taking care of her baby, they didn’t immediately know the baby’s sex. Both Chelsea and the baby were doing well and sharing private bonding time together, behind the scenes in the Zoo’s Primate building.


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Birth Of Critically Endangered Orangutan!

Long awaited, finally here: Yesterday at 1.30 p.m. in Schönbrunn Zoo, a young orangutan was born in front of the eyes of the visitors. The last successful offspring of orangutans was almost 20 years ago. The Tiergarten team is very happy. “It is the first cub for 13-year-old Sari, who came to us from Dublin Zoo in 2020. She takes good care of her little one, who spends most of the day sleeping in her arms,” reports the responsible zoological curator, Folko Balfanz.


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Roux’s Outdoor Debut at Audubon Zoo

“Roux” Audubon Zoo’s critically endangered orangutan infant in his outdoor habitat with his mother, Menari. Born on Christmas Eve, Roux received months of around-the-clock care from animal care and veterinary staff. Thanks to Roux’s dedicated care team, he has been successfully reunited with his mother and the rest of the orangutan group.

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Sleepy Orangutan Baby Jolene Naps Outside With Mom

Young orangutans like Jolene, born April 13, 2022 at Oregon Zoo, are completely dependent on their moms for food and getting around during their first two years of life. The bond between an orangutan mom and her baby is one of the closest of any species.

See all the rest of Jolene’s ZooBorns appearances:





Baby Tokyo, Born Amidst Dramatic Circumstances Nearly A Year Ago, Now Thrives And Gains Her Independence

Tokyo the baby Sumatran Orangutan at Zoological Center Ramat Gan is already 11 months old.

Recently she gained the courage and ability to venture away from mom and explore her surroundings. She is carefully developing her skills and strength.

She’s also starting to try solid foods.

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Just In Time For Mother’s Day…

Congratulations to Topeka Zoo’s Orangutan family members Rudy, Mawas, and Bumi!

This morning Topeka Zoo’s Bornean Orangutan Rudy gave birth to their newest addition. Today zoo officials closed the Lianas Forest building to provide additional privacy and allow for bonding. Both infant and mother appear to be doing well, and they anticipate the building reopening tomorrow, on Mother’s Day!


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It's A Girl! Orangutan Baby 'Jolene' Makes Zoo Debut

Kitra’s 3-week-old baby is named for her ‘flaming locks of auburn hair’

After a few weeks of consideration, care staff have selected a name for orangutan Kitra’s new baby. Inspired by the line in the Dolly Parton classic that goes, “Your beauty is beyond compare / with flaming locks of auburn hair,” she will be called Jolene.

“Because we’re giving Kitra and her baby plenty of room to bond, we were unable to tell if she’d had a boy or a girl until recently,” said Kate Gilmore, who oversees the zoo’s primate area. “Once we confirmed she was a girl, our keeper team knew right away what they wanted to call her. They’ve been playing the song on repeat ever since!”

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