290-pound Baby Bounds Into The World!

Dallas Zoo is thrilled to announce their African elephant, Mlilo, gave birth to a healthy, 290-pound baby boy on Sunday, February 26. Mom and baby are both healthy and doing so well!

The little one will not be on habitat yet for several weeks, so keep an eye on Dallas Zoo's social media channels for updates on the baby in the short term. And keep an eye out for an announcement next week with the baby's name! 


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Two is Better Than One: It’s a Boy!

Fort Worth Zoo celebrates another male Asian elephant birth

FORT WORTH, Texas – Fort Worth Zoo officials are thrilled to share the news of the birth of a healthy, 37-inch-tall, 270-pound male Asian elephant calf. The newest bundle of joy was born at 2 a.m. on Feb. 23, 2023. This is the fifth calf born at the Fort Worth Zoo, following the arrival of half-brother Brazos born in 2021, Belle, his mother, in 2013, Bowie in 2013 (Bowie now resides at the Oklahoma City Zoo), and aunt, Bluebonnet, in 1998. This newest calf adds to the three generations of elephants that call the Zoo home, which mimics how herds are established in the wild.


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Elephant Born at WILDLANDS!

A healthy elephant calf was born early this morning at WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen, The Netherlands. It was soon clear that it is a male, after which his keepers gave him the name Nagarr . That's "little dragon" in Burmese. It is the first time that mother Swe Zin (herself born on August 8, 2007 at Emmen) has given birth to a calf. Security footage shows that she gave birth lying down, which has not been observed before by the animal caretakers in Emmen in an elephant delivery.

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Oh Brother! An Elephant Twins Update

Oh brother! No matter the species, siblings always find a way to play – Rosamond Gifford Zoo’s #EleTwins are no exception! As the twins grow we continue to see their personalities develop. Twin two, Tukada, is proving to be the more dominant sibling, usually ending up on top when he and twin one, Yaad, start wrestling. Considering Tukada was the weaker twin at birth we are so happy to see him thriving and playing with his brother.

Previously on ZooBorns: https://www.zooborns.com/zooborns/2022/11/asian-elephant-delivers-miracle-twins-at-rosamond-gifford-zoo.html

The BIOPARC Valencia Elephant Calf Is Named Makena By Popular Decision

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Valencia, December 13, 2022.- On December 9, the little elephant who was born on a full moon night as a result of the important European Program for the Conservation of the African elephant (EEP), was 1 month old. A hopeful birth for this imposing species that is "in danger of extinction" according to the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


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And The Newborn Elephant Is Named…

And the newborn elephant at Rotterdam Zoo is named… Maxi! This son of Faya and Fahim has been named after his grandfather Maximus. The little one is doing very well. After a short period in the delivery room, he was able to venture outside every day if weather permitted. Stones, branches, water, everything is new to him and is being tested while mother and grandmother keep an eye on things. His young uncle Radjik is also very excited to play with him!

Do you want to discover more about the Asian elephant? Then head to: https://www.diergaardeblijdorp.nl/dossiers/dieren/olifant/

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Baby Elephant’s First Christmas 

Keepers at Whipsnade Zoo create winter wonderland for Asian elephant herd  

A baby elephant at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo has enjoyed her first taste of Christmas after keepers created a woody winter wonderland for the youngster to explore – officially beginning the countdown to Christmas at the UK’s largest zoo. 

1 baby elephant winter wonderland c ZSL

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Hello world! Asian Elephant born at Melbourne Zoo

In the early hours of the morning of November 15th, Melbourne Zoo welcomed the exciting arrival of a healthy Asian Elephant calf, to superstar mum Dokoon and first time dad, Luk Chai. This birth represents a major success for the Asian Elephant Cooperative Conservation Program for the Endangered species, especially as wild populations continue to decline.  Zoos Victoria is a zoo-based conservation organisation, fighting for a future rich in wildlife. Learn more about their work at zoo.org.au

Melbourne Zoo_57746_Newborn Elephant 16_20_22_Hi-res for print

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