Daizy the Baby Elephant Having a Ball!

Little Daizy was actually born at Albuquerque's Rio Grande Zoo last year, but these adorable pictures just came to our attention so we thought we'd share them. This was the first baby for Daizy's mom, Rozie. The pregnancy was recommended by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Species Survival Plan for Asian elephants. Because Rozie has no siblings, she is genetically unique. Her calf adds to the diversity and strength of the North American population of Asian elephants.



Photo Credits: Albuquerque BioPark

Chester Zoo's Elephant Calf Charms the Crowds

A new baby elephant at the UK's Chester Zoo has caused a stir of excitement among keepers, visitors and the other elephants alike. The male calf has been named Nayan meaning "eye" in Hindi. Born close to midnight on Sunday, July 18th, the little elephant has been exploring his new home while staying close to his mother, Sithami.



Photo Credits: Chester Zoo (1-3)


Photo Credits: Brian McKay
(4 - 5)

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San Diego Zoo's Brand New Baby Elephant Stays Cool

San Diego Zoo's yet unnamed elephant calf and his mother, Umoya, were photographed cooling down at a waterhole just yesterday. After a slow start, the outlook for the calf is now upbeat. He was healthy and nursing after his birth on May 12, but a medical condition with his mother caused him to lose rather than gain weight. Umoya is now recovering, which means the 229-pound calf is too. He is the third calf born at the Wild Animal Park in 2010 and is interacting with the two other male elephant calves daily.



Photo Credits: Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park

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Bouncing Baby 'Baylor''s Happiness Has no Bounds

After a pregnancy lasting almost 23 months, Shanti, a 19-year-old Asian elephant, delivered a healthy 348-pound male calf on the morning of May 4th at the Houston Zoo’s McNair Asian Elephant Habitat. The calf has been named Baylor by the Zoo’s elephant care team in recognition of the unprecedented and ongoing advances made by Baylor College of Medicine’s research team to significantly reduce the threat of a potentially lethal elephant herpes virus.

DSC_0354-mPhotos and video credits: The Houston Zoo

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The Wait is Over for Hannover Zoo

On May 7th at Germany's Hannover Zoo, after 670 days of gestation, proud elephant mother Sayang delivered a baby girl. At 89 centimeters tall, and weighing 106 kilos the calf is a real heart-breaker. For four weeks, zoo keepers and vets kept a round the clock eye on the expectant mother until tests revealed the delivery was imminent. The baby is healthy and happily adjusting to her new surroundings.



Photo Credits: Zoo Hannover

San Diego's Second Elephant Birth This Year

We've seen a lot of elephant action this year, in particular from Taronga Zoo. Now, San Diego Zoo is in line for a hat trick of baby African elephants! This unnamed male calf was born on Thursday to 20-year-old Swazi. A male calf born two months ago, on Valentine’s Day, was recently bestowed a very fitting name: Lutsandvo (loot-sund-vor), or "love" in the SiSwati language.



Photo Credits: San Diego Zoo

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One Month Milestone for Mr. Shuffles

Okay okay... we know Mr. Shuffles has been renamed Pathi Harn but watching him shuffle about in this video made us nostalgic for his goofy placeholder name. For those who haven't been following the tale of this adorable elephant calf, veterinarians at Australia's Taronga Zoo had originally thought the baby was going to be stillborn but, miraculously, the calf emerged happy and healthy. He celebrated his one month birthday this past Saturday.