Video: Newborn Orangutan's Health Continuing to Improve

Audubon Zoo's orangutan infant is continuing to progress in the right direction! His veterinary and care team are very pleased with his improved hydration and how much formula that he is consuming during his feedings. The team has decided that his feeding tube will be removed and that they will monitor him closely for 24 hours to gauge his caloric consumption. He is still slightly weaker than his care team would like, but they believe with his continual weight gain and other positive health advances that his stamina will improve. Audubon's dedicated team continues to work closely with Children's Hospital New Orleans and The Association of Zoos and Aquariums Orangutan Species Survival Plan advisors on next steps for this little warrior. 

Asian Small-Clawed Otter Pups Born At Brookfield Zoo

The Chicago Zoological Society, which manages Brookfield Zoo, is happy to announce the birth of six Asian small-clawed otter pups on November 18, 2021. Since their birth, the otter-ly adorable and playful pups have been growing and bonding behind the scenes with their parents, Pearl and Adhi (pronounced AHH-dee). Guests will be able to see the two male and four female pups exploring their habitat in Tropic World: Asia once they are eating solid foods and have become proficient swimmers.

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Manatee Calf: It's a Girl!

Burgers' Zoo's young manatee is doing well and we have good news. Officials know the gender of the youngest sprout of the Mangrove.

To determine the sex of a manatee, the distance between the opening of the erogenital opening and the anus of the animal is examined. With male manatees this opening is located in the middle of the abdomen, far from the anus. While female manatees have this opening is at the end of the abdomen, close to the anus and tail.

Burgers' Zoo had to wait a while until zookeepers could take a good look at the belly of the young manatee. There was some uncertainty for a while, but they can now state with full conviction that the young manatee is a female.

That is very positive news for the breeding program that includes these manatees. Each animal is very valuable to zoos in Europe, but at the moment there are significantly more males than females. With the arrival of this young manatee, it is possible that a new bloodline can be set up.

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Baby Boom For Pecs Zoo!

Hungary’s Pecs Zoo has experienced a bit of a baby boom! Mandula here (meaning Almond) is the zoo’s second alpaca. Born September 24, he’s a very happy, funny and active little guy, who loves to play with the adults and to annoy his half brother Duett. 

This Colobus baby was a surprise for Pecs Zoo officials. Born Jan. 1, he or she arrived just ten months after the zoo's previous offspring.

Last but not least is baby Vitéz, the Grivet infant, born November 2nd. He's the 5th offspring to mom Berta and dad Radar.

New Footage Of Adorable One-month-old Polar Bear Cub At Highland Wildlife Park 

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland has shared a video of a one-month-old polar bear cub at Highland Wildlife Park. 

New footage shared by the wildlife conservation charity shows the little one wriggling and rolling over before settling down for a sleep in the cubbing den with mum Victoria close by.  

Visitors will not be able to see the youngster yet as both mum and cub are settled in the off-show den to give them peace and quiet during the first sensitive few months.  

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Courtesy of RZSS

Easy, Tiger!

Month-old Sumatran tiger cub takes wobbly first steps outside at ZSL London Zoo’s Tiger Territory 
Footage taken by zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo yesterday (Wednesday 12 January) shows a Critically Endangered Sumatran tiger cub taking its first wobbly steps outdoors – a month after its December birth.  
ZSL London Zoo tiger keeper Kathryn Sanders said: “The cub has so far mostly stayed tucked up with Gaysha in their cosy behind-the-scenes cubbing den, but with such lovely weather yesterday it’s clear she decided it was time for her little one to take its first steps in the outside world.”  

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Red Panda Romp!

The Zoo Boise red panda cubs, born June 21, 2021, were extremely active in the snow last week. Check out this video of the pair playing in the snow while it was still dark outside.

Zoo Boise has turned the act of visiting the zoo into a conservation action. Since 2007, visits to Zoo Boise have generated more than $3 million towards the conservation of animals in the wild, redefining why we have a zoo. Zoo Boise is accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, a national organization that supports excellence in animal care, conservation, education, and science.

🎥: Zoo Staff Member Austin

Meet Endangered Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin Twins

On Oct. 7, the National Zoo’s Small Mammal House team celebrated the arrival of golden-headed lion tamarin twins! They are the first of their endangered species born at the Zoo in 16 years.


Get to know the mischievous and curious babies from keepers Mimi Nowlin and Maria Montgomery: